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Positively Promoting Mental Health



With Qualified Therapist Christine Poland

A 6 week programme to help you identify key triggers for your stress.  You keep a reflective journal to track your changes as you begin to put in place the positive steps Christine will guide you through to help lower stress and create more balance in your life.


With Qualified Therapist Patricia Thompson

Taking you through how to mix oils, which oils blend best, mediums for mixing your oils and a basic understanding of the main oils in the field of aromatherapy. This class is a good introduction for anyone considering formal qualifications in the field of holistic medicine.


Do you want to feel less stressed?

Would you like tips and techniques on how to reduce stress in your life?

Would you like to gain practical know ho win using oil blends for your own health and well being?

Are you coping with negative life events at present?

Do you find some scents can help you feel uplifted and others can trigger negative memories?

Do you care for someone who is stressed?

Would you like to learn a little bit more about the oils we use in centre?

Do you manage someone who is stressed?

Financial worries?

Are you stressed out with work?

People want to be seen to be able to cope even in the most demanding times.

We aim to identify, support and equip you to deal with pressure before it reaches a critical point and becomes stress.

Where you already manage stress well

Understand the causes of stress

Understand stress led behaviours in you and others

Look at the impact of pressure and stress in the workplace

A range of tools to manage pressure and minimise stress in others

How to set clear boundaries

How to manage your own assumptions

How to pre-empt difficulties

How to say no (being less accommodating)

How to identify oils which best suit your needs

How to mix oils skilfully

How to use the oils in your bath, on your body, in spritzers, compresses and cream or gel blends

We are asking for £10, payable in week one to cover the cost of tea, biscuits and venue.

If you want to make this in two £5 instalments, that’s fine too!

Call 028 9022 3220 or email: for more information